Perhaps this post is a bit of blatant advertising, but last night I found the coolest thing. If you want to know something and don't have immediate access to the internet, then you can text any question to 118118 and they will answer it for you. Last night we all kept yawning, then that made everyone else yawn. So I texted "Why is yawning contagious?" and I got this reply a few minutes later:

Yawn contagion is largely unconscious. It bypasses the known brain circuitry for consciously analysing and mimicking other people.

Hmm rather eloquently put as well as useful. I wonder if someone is sitting there receiving all the texts and doing a quick search on Google. Could be interesting - I'm sure some of the questions would be very random!

Oh dear!

Well, first things first, happy New Year - welcome to 2008! (a little bit late I know!) The problem I have had today isn't really a big problem because I have enjoyed myself tremendously. However, I have completely indulged myself and haven't done all the things I should have done. Instead of doing marking, I have spent over £100 buying amazingly beautiful things on etsy and haven't done much else! And I just ate some Toblerone too - it's hardly smoothies filled with fresh fruit is it?! I now have a lot of catching up to do, and I really don't want to!!! I'm dreading going back to school on Monday - you'd think it would be the kids who wouldn't want to go back, but the teachers dread it even more!