Vintage Bling

Oh my god! I'm having palpitations about how fabulous my newest etsy find is! (notice how short the spacing is between these items arriving on my doormat!) I so love this bracelet. It is very cool and unique, but I also love the history that goes with it - the fact that possibly 100 years or so ago people were actually using the keys to type with! It's like a little piece of living history. I like it so much that I've ordered another one. No doubt I'll blog about that when it arrives too!

Marking score for today = 0%
Oh dear!! :-)

Song of the day, which I've just been madly dancing around to is 'I Touch Myself' by the Divinyls - a classic university song. And there's always time for a bit of Austin Powers clip watching - brill!

Fortune telling

I am so impressed with my latest etsy purchase.

To be fair, I have received many many lovely things which were all beautifully made and packaged. But this is one of my favourites. I love the fact that it's such a funky necklace and really original - I'm sure not many people will be seen wearing them. And the seller was totally lovely too - she even sent me a ring as an extra because it had taken her a while to post. There were loads of other goodies included too, my favourite being one of those cool fortune telling fish that curl up and tell your fortune. According to the fish, I'm passionate at the moment...hmmm could be! I would highly recommend Hoolala's shop. I'm sure I'm going to have great fun playing with the necklace. And it's put me in a good mood which is a good thing because I'm about to do some marking now and need to be in a good mood!!

Oh Hello Again!

Gosh... just HOW long is it since I blogged! Sorry to anyone who actually might have been reading this blog! Hopefully now I'm back! Am just eating a Gu Banoffee dessert - yum! So, what else has been happening apart from far far too much work? Well, I have developed quite an addiction to etsy and have bought a tremendous amount of stuff on there. You can see some of the stuff I've bought in my feedback page here. I love it all though - the sellers are so lovely and it's exciting to receive beautifully wrapped packages from all over the world. And etsy stuff makes fantastic and unusual presents for family and friends too.

I have also been doing lots of creating myself. I am planning (someday soon) to start my own etsy shop selling stickers and prints. I have been experimenting with creating my own prints. They're quite simple, but I like their simplicity. Of course they were all drawn first in my Moleskine :-)