Postcrossing cards

Have scanned the postcrossing cards I have received so far and uploaded them to my postcrossing wall (how very facebook that sounds!). So I guess I'll put them on here as well so if any postcrossing people take a peek at my blog, they may see their very own card. Incidentally, it is very weird indeed to see some of the cards I have sent which have been scanned in. I think it's maybe because I made them myself and now they are in far flung places around the world!
The first card I received was from Tom27 in Germany:
Then I got this one from Cinnepin in the Netherlands:

This card was from EmilyJean from the USA:

Then this one from Miss_Gonzales in Turkey:
And this one from Dandelion in Finland:

The Terribles

Have started working on a new collection of poetry - called The Terribles. It was inspired by all the pictures I have (mainly from Deviant art) of girls who are mean, moody and melancholy. So I have given each of them a name and plan to write a poem about each of them. The poems are in the early stages yet, but hopefully I will post some of them on here when I've finished them.

Am feeling throroughly fed up with school at the moment - too much work, too much stress, too little thanks. Yes there are many benefits of being a teacher in the UK, but there are also many many downsides. Any ideas for an alternative career that would pay as much??!

On the brighter side of life, I received another postcard yesterday from postcrossing - from Cin in Holland. I really am getting into the whole idea of it, especially now I have received a couple myself.

Postcrossing Update!

Am very excited! My very first postcrossing card has reached its destination and I received a very nice message from Cecile in France today. Can't wait to now receive a card myself! I think I could get quite addicted to this - it's nice to spread the love! :-)

More Options...

Two new Options drinks updates.

Ooh La La Vanilla

This drink was ok - nothing bad though nothing amazing. Would possibly buy again, though not if there are other available.

Tempting Toffee

Am drinking this one as I type. It is very sweet and smells like Muller Light Toffee yoghurt or Caramac bars. It looks quite indipid really - quite pale and watery. It tastes very sweet. Not my favourite, though not the worst either (that was White Chocolate!)

As a result of my findings, I think I will be buying the original Belgian Chocolate one again, and the mint and orange varieties. I haven't tried the hazelnut one, though I'm not a huge fan of nuts. I expect it would taste a bit like Nutella (though I do love Nutella mmmmm!)

Postcrossing and Wicked

This afternoon I posted my first batch of Postcrossing cards - to Finland, France, Germany, USA and China. Wonder how long it will take them to arrive? I'm very excited to hopefully be receiving some myself before too long!

Have been singing along to Wicked all day - the CD I ordered arrived yesterday and the book today. I'm quite enchanted (bad joke!) by it - can't wait to go and see the show!