New Postcards!

Have made myself some new postcards based on the proverbs drawings I did a while back. Have sent them off to Moo to be printed - hopefully I'll get them really soon - I love Moo cards and they're what I've been using for all my postcrossing cards - they make my drawings actually look quite professional (in a badly drawn simplistic kind of way!)

Wicked is truly Wicked!

Went to finally see Wicked in London this weekend. It was really fabulous! Have been singing along to all the songs for weeks on the CD so it was nice to actually see it performed. I love the lighting, the costumes, Glinda was so funny and Elphaba was brill too! Think my favourite song is defying gravity though - it has a very strong message about turning your back on people who pull you down and standing up for what you believe in.

Go Elphie!