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Sometimes all you need is a little taste of chocolate to put the world to rights isn't it?! But if it's just before you eat your evening meal it's not the best idea to be chomping on a large bar of Dairy Milk. But over the last few night I have found the solution - hot chocolate!

I have been experimenting with the Options hot chocolate sachets and have found them to be quite convenient. Normally I buy a jar of hot chocolate and then forget all about it, but the sachets are quite perfect really.

White Chocolate
This was the first one that I tried. When I made it, it had the consistency of watery milk - not very appealing. The taste wasn't unlike white chocolate, but didn't have the smoothness or the same sweetness. I drank most of the cup, but poured the rest away. I probably wouldn't buy this one again.

Mint Madness

This one was much nicer. It tasted like Mint KitKats (gorgeous) and left a refreshing aftertaste. Sometimes when you drink hot chocolate you feel like you need a cold drink to refresh your mouth, but I didn't feel like this was necessary with this one. Would buy again.

Outrageous Orange

I am drinking this one as I type. It tastes like orange KitKats (also yum!) or Terry's Cholcolate Orange. Another good one!