Christmas chaos

Just watching the news about the inches of snow. It really does make me wonder how people coped in the past or how other countries seem to cope so much better than we do. The snow is very pretty, though it's also very dangerous too. We had fun building a snowman though, even more it looks like a snowhill!

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Oh the joy of having an iPhone now! And now I can blog from here too which might give me more of an incentive to blog more- though honestly with facebook, Twitter, flickr daily photos and everything else I don't l know either how I'll have time or the ability to write something original. It would be nice if there was one application which did all of them at once - blog, photos, chat, pictures, videos. O guess that facebook does a lot of that but the blogging side of it isn't really that good. Oh well. Let's see how it goes on here!

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Awesome Video

Ok, it's pink - brill for a start. But there's something strangely compelling about this video - the music, the slow motion, and the way it is so beautiful at the end!

Revenge from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.


Cupcake, originally uploaded by skyebluepink.

Just love cupcakes so was very happy when Inspire Me Thursday posted Cupcakes as its current topic.

Had lots of fun playing with my graphics tablet - I haven't used it for a while, though I resolve to do better in future!

Have also added some more pictures to my Flickr account, something I've been meaning to do for a while!

Back in Business!

Have just installed Firefox - have heard people going on about how it is better than Internet Explorer for ages, but never really believed them! Anyway, have been having fun downloading loads of applications to use and ScribeFire is one of them - so I can just update this blog really easily - so hopefully I'll be doing that more often now.

So... hello again!


Have just signed up to Twitter after having heard Chris Moyles talking about it on Radio 1. Not too sure about how it is useul though - isn't it just a bit like the status version of facebook, only a little less private? I wish that they would make one easily integratable thing that has everything on it - I would love it if Facebook had a more proper blog feature and none of the crap applications. Maybe one day?!

Shop now open!!!

My etsy shop is now open!!! I have been making lots of toys from the Aranzo Aranzi book that I got for Christmas and have now decided to sell them! Have had lots of fun making them - now just waiting for that first sale! Be sure to pop by for a visit (you can also pick up a set of my postcards too there!)