Postcrossing cards

Have scanned the postcrossing cards I have received so far and uploaded them to my postcrossing wall (how very facebook that sounds!). So I guess I'll put them on here as well so if any postcrossing people take a peek at my blog, they may see their very own card. Incidentally, it is very weird indeed to see some of the cards I have sent which have been scanned in. I think it's maybe because I made them myself and now they are in far flung places around the world!
The first card I received was from Tom27 in Germany:
Then I got this one from Cinnepin in the Netherlands:

This card was from EmilyJean from the USA:

Then this one from Miss_Gonzales in Turkey:
And this one from Dandelion in Finland:


mama said...

I like postcrossing too!

Mama from from france
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