The Terribles

Have started working on a new collection of poetry - called The Terribles. It was inspired by all the pictures I have (mainly from Deviant art) of girls who are mean, moody and melancholy. So I have given each of them a name and plan to write a poem about each of them. The poems are in the early stages yet, but hopefully I will post some of them on here when I've finished them.

Am feeling throroughly fed up with school at the moment - too much work, too much stress, too little thanks. Yes there are many benefits of being a teacher in the UK, but there are also many many downsides. Any ideas for an alternative career that would pay as much??!

On the brighter side of life, I received another postcard yesterday from postcrossing - from Cin in Holland. I really am getting into the whole idea of it, especially now I have received a couple myself.