Sinking feeling :-(

I think tomorrow may well be the most depressing day of the year. All of the Christmas joy and festivity has disappeared (any decorations that are still left up now look rather pathetic and dated - a sad reminder of how much fun we were all having 2 weeks ago). Cold Turkey has set in with new diets, abstaining from alcohol and all those other resolutions. The weather is cold and bleak (well it is in England anyway) and Christmas is a whole year away. If all that's not bad enough, it's back to work for most people in the morning. I know some people have been working away all through the Christmas period, and others have already gone back, but looking at my friends' glum facebook status' it would appear that it's the big day tomorrow for most.

So what will get us all through waking up at some ungodly hour? Well in the past it has been ordering huge quantities of goodies on etsy, watching Celebrity Big Brother (due to start just now on Channel 4) or snuggling up with my girlfriend. Maybe I'll be doing all these things and more this year. Have ordered lots of books to get me through the rest of the winter and my Sony iphone dock/speakers are on their way too. Unfortunately just have to finish my dreaded lesson planning and seating plans for the little 'darlings' in the morning. That makes me depressed as I was enjoying myself too much over the holiday to do any work (or too lazy??) and so my last night of freedom is baing taken up by schoolwork. Still, it will all be fresh in my head for tomorrow morning I guess. Wish me luck!