Under the Weather/Chuck

Not feeling the best today. Made an effort to get out of the house - went on an expedition to Tesco to stock up on supplies (though the people in there were even more annoying than ever - wandering about with their eyes closed and ramming me with their trolleys - I can only blame it on the snow). The roads still weren't brilliant - some of them had been gritted and were mostly fine, though still had snowy patches at the sides which could be quite slippy. And I was almost shocked at how snowy Tesco car park still was - and how slippy - a compensation claim just waiting to happen methinks.

Anyway, it's been nice to have another day off school. though I have been feeling a bit dizzy, sore throat, aching etc. My grandma did make me feel better by giving me some of her "magic pills" and a hot water bottle. But the thought of probably going back to school on Monday doesn't exactly fill me with joy. I will have my worst class TWICE in one day. And the thought of getting there actually does scare me. I'd much rather stay at home, although I have realised that I'm getting a bit bored now, and if this was my entire life, for example if I was unemployed (and had no money to spend and was being nagged to get a job) then I probably would be quite miserable. If there's one thing that school does do, it provides a contrast - makes you appreciate the holidays you do get, and it's not all bad I guess!

And now to Chuck.

Probably one of my favourite programmes I've seen in a long time. I started watching it because I was lucky enough to go on the set of the Buy More when we visited Warner in LA last year (they would have been filming the second series which I've just finished watching). If you have never seen it before, it tells the story of a geek who works in an Electronics store (the BuyMore), who is emailed "the intersect" - all the information from a top secret government computer which has been destryoyed. It gets stuck in his head and causes him to have flashes whenever he sees anything linked with that information. He is tracked down by Sarah and Casey, CIA and NSA spies, whose job it is to protect him and use him and his "flashes" to assist in their spy work. In the meantime, Chuck must continue the pretence of his everyday life, and we see many comic scenes with his friends in the BuyMore and with his sister at home.

It's a programme that has an awful lot in it - comedy, drama, all the action and gadgetry of spy movies, a bit of romance. And it really does make you think about all those real life spies and who and where they might be. If you have never seen it before, I highly recommend it and can't wait for Series 3 to come out on DVD!