New Moleskine, Christmas Shopping and An Ideal Husband

Yes I am going to deal with the three above topics in the above order!

Today I finished my first "retro blog" moleskine i.e. a diary where I write stuff that I don't want to particularly broadcast all over the internet. I'm quite proud of it really because it looks pretty cool when you flick through it - 240 pages of pure black writing - and of course, every word written is a word of genius!!! So now I'm ready to start my new Retro Blog Moleskine. I have a ritual when I begin a new Moleskine - much of it picked up from other people's rituals that I have read about. I take off the cellophane wrapping. Then I flick through the book and inhale the 'new paper' smell. After that I have a look at the insert and any postcards or leaflets that are with it. They go into the pocket at the back, along with the carefully folded coloured band. Then the hard work begins - I number each page, either in black or red, then I make an index of all the page numbers on the last 4 pages. Every time I write I put a heading (much like a normal blog), and those headings are written in the index at the back. It makes finding specific things much easier when the book is full! I just need to get writing in this one now!

Today I finally finished my Christmas shopping. I went into town quite early and managed to get most of it done fairly efficiently. Is it really bad though to also buy things for yourself when you are Christmas shopping - supposedly you're meant to be buying gifts for others! In addition to the hilariously funny Magna Farta which I bought earlier in the week and the essential make up items I bought today, I ended up buying myself lots of jewellery in Primark. However, the fact that none of the items cost more than £2 eases my conscience greatly! Perhaps I'm not that bad after all!

Finally - An Ideal Husband. No, I'm not looking for one (do they exist?!)Last night I went to see the Oscar Wilde play at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. I have never been to that theatre before and I really liked it. It is a huge steel and glass pod, with the stage in the round and the seats on a variety of different levels - some are like low little sofas - we were on tall ones at the back, a bit like bar stools. The modernity of the actual theatre contrasts brilliantly with the beautiful old Exchange building which houses the theatre. I'd like to perhaps get season tickets and go and see more plays there.

An Ideal Husband was really good. It took me a while to get into it, but after that I really enjoyed it. The things that fascinated me most though (apart from the sparkling comedic wit of Oscar Wilde and the talented performance from the actors) were the sets and costumes. The furniture used was mainly silver and ornate - real statement pieces. Then in one Act reds and golds were used, along with fire. But what was most beautiful about the sets were the cut glass chandeliers which hung over the theatre and gave it a sense of beauty and grandeur. The sets were both old fashioned and completely modern. And the costumes were absolutely beautiful - long dresses which trailed along the floor in the most gorgeous fabrics. It made us all wonder and talk about what it would be like if people wore those kinds of clothes now - it really would be quite bizarre, though people would look so lovely!