Showing a slight improvement...

I managed to make a scarf today for my Shrek 3 Dronkey, (though it would also look good on a Barbie or other such doll). It looks quite cosy and warm in its little scarf, and it handily co-ordinates with the dronkey's wings - what a fashionable dronkey it is! Happily too, this scarf is hole-less! Hooray! Though it will be quite some time before I'm knitting more advanced garments - for either dronkeys or humans!

Speaking of Shrek 3 - I bought it and watched it at the weekend. It was funny, though not as good as Shrek or Shrek 2. It lacked plot and there weren't as many cool songs. Still, I enjoyed it!


Skye xx said...

Oh no, I've got the Dominic the D(r)onkey song in my head - I blame Radio 1 because they were playing it this morning.