The Robbery of Rhydian

At the risk of sounding like Victor Meldrew, it has to be said that I simply cannot believe it! He is so much of a better singer than Leon - I think Leon is completely bland and forgettable, and I cannot understand at all why he won. At least if Same Difference had won it would have been because of their 'fun factor'. And I still think Beverley should have been in the final.

In the comments after this song, Sharon said that Rhydian looked like a 'white angel'. That makes me think of 'Beauty School Dropout' in Grease! Perhaps that could be a future career for Rhydian! But I'm sure that he will have greater longevity than Leon, who I imagine will be forgotten about this time next year.


Eleanor said...

I haven't seen any of the alternatives, but Rhydian is terrifying! He looks like the one off Scratchy and Co as played by Rutger Hauer. Brrrr. Admittedly he can sing (at least in that clip).