And the snow goes on!

Still off school today and unofficially we're meant to be tomorrow too. Have just been on a walk to the shop- the snow here is still quite white and crisp and easy to walk on though there were some very slippy parts of pavements. Saw some really pretty views though- the fields on the way back looked very picturesque.

Also saw some yellow snow by a lamppost which made me laugh and made me think about the good advice about never eating yellow snow.

On the news now they're talking about temperatures of -20 tonight. It does make me wonder though- are we hopefully inadequate in dealing with a couple of inches of snow in this country? Are we all soft and health and safety obsessed? Or is it that we don't have the necessary infrastructure because this kind of weather is relatively rare here? Or is it just bad? My theory is that it's probably a mixture of all those things.