Bleurgh- have succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. Not at all pleasant! As a teacher I do seem to be struck down more than your average civilian on the street. I guess it's to do with the fact that I come into contact with hundreds of bug fuelled children everyday and so it's probably inevitable that I will pick up a few here and there. But I'm enjoying the duvetness of it all. For the last couple of days all I've wanted to do is get an early night with my warm snuggly hot water bottle and read my Sherlock Holmes books. I never really knew much about Sherlock Holmes before but I'm addicted now! The stories aren't too long so you can plough your way through them quite easily and they are written in a fairly easy-to-read manner too. I'm quite gripped! So far I've read 'A Study in Scarlet' and I'm reading now 'The Sign of Four' which I hope to finish later today. If you're interested, go to where you can get the entire Penguin Sherlock Holmes set for £9.99 - bargain!