Children's TV Memories

Ooh have been having fun watching children's TV programmes here. They bring back many memories. Think one of my favourite themes for singing along has to be Mysterious Cities of Gold. I remember when it was on that it was one of my very favourite programmes ever!

Another programme, from a few years earlier that is pure class is Pigeon Street. I remember watching it as a small child at lunchtime - it was on just before (or just after?) Rainbow, and as a special treat I would be allowed Dairylea sandwiches on the little orange picnic table that we had, and would watch Pigeon Street, Rainbow and Words and Pictures (the one with the talking pencil). Oh and Bric a Brac - I really liked that programe too. But Pigeon Street was the very best and this clip shows just why. Even now I think the theme is excellent and the animation is lovely!

And another couple that I remember being on almost every day... Jimbo - I loved it when he crashed into the control tower...

And Superted - I always felt sorry for him because he was the reject teddy bear from the factory...

Fantastic stuff - if only they made kids TV programmes like that now! Would keep me happy for hours! Instead, it just means I spend far too long watching old ones on Youtube instead!


Eleanor said...

I paid my schoolfriend Simon 20p to tell me Superted's secret word. I can now exclusively reveal (free gratis) that it was 'raspberries'.