Shopping Nightmare!

Aaargh! Never again! I have made the mistake of going to Tesco on a Saturday afternoon. I should have known from the packed car park that it was going to be a mistake. Unlike the usual weekday evenings when I visit, there were few spaces left. Inside the store there were people dawdling around at a snail's pace, children running around or wielding trolleys stuffed with e-numbers that their parents had mistakenly let them push. Two people bumped into me; only one said sorry. Some of the items I had gone to buy had sold out. There was a queue at all the checkouts - and not just people buying a few things in a basket - no the deepest trolleys piled high. And to top it all off - no lovely Tesco lady because she doesn't work on Saturdays.

I won't be going again on a Saturday unless it is an absolute emergency!!!