X Factor

I really enjoyed watching the X Factor tonight. It was so so camp! Apart from my bizarre attraction to Simon Cowell, I was also feeling it for Rhydian tonight. Now that is surprising because a few weeks ago I couldn't bear him. But he certainly is very talented and his uber camp rendition of 'Go West' was great fun. He seemed to like it too, especially with his comment about enjoying the male dancers! Is he gay? With a performance like that you would think he would be, but then he also seemed to enjoy meeting Girls Aloud.

I'm also loving Beverley loads. She can certainly belt out a song, and whilst I like Niki, I'm preferring Beverley at the moment.

And again, the fact that I like Hope surprises me - normally I hate manufactured groups... but Hope are good. (And I must confess to having Girls Aloud Greatest Hits so I can't hate manufactured groups all that much.) Tonight they were much better than Same Difference. I like Same Difference for their cheesiness and I know they will appeal to the High School Musical loving tweenagers, though the fact that they are brother and sister freaks me out a bit - they like each other a bit too much. Do they ever argue?!

I have to say though that I really don't like Alicia. She is just a bit too bland still. I love Sharon and don't want her to be left with no acts, but Alicia and the rollerskating kids just weren't good tonight (though I agree with Louis about Young Hearts Run Free being a fabulous song). And Leon is just too bland and forgettable.

Who do I think will win? Strangely enough I hope for Rhydian, though I can't ever imagine myself buying his CD. I would also be happy if Beverley won - she's good. Out of all the acts though, I can see Hope being the biggest commercial success, following in the footsteps of Girls Aloud. I guess we will just have to wait and see!


Skye xx said...

Perhaps no surprise then that Alisha went home... but poor Sharon having no-one to mentor now.