Mind the Gap

Found this hilarious website today - the lady who does all the announcements on the London Underground has recorded some spoof announcements. Some of them are very cutting indeed - Londoners and Americans take note! And I think my favourite one is the one that goes:

"Passengers should note that the bearded gentleman's rucksack contains the following items only: some sandwiches, a library card and a picture of a bare ankle and is no cause for concern."

Subtle and highly topical! It would be so funny if one day they just played some of these messages to see if anyone actually noticed - at least it would make people smile - and as the lady reminds passengers - a smile is actually a friendship signal, not a sign of weakness!

There are some interesting and unusual links from the website too - I find the history of the Tube fascinating, especially the abandoned stations, the ghosts and how it was used during the Second World War. And the person who thought to look for animal images in the Tube map is either crazy or a genius... or both!


Eleanor said...

Shame she has been fired!