Get Me Out of Here!

Oh my God! How funny is this year's I'm a Celebrity already?! To be honest, the only ones I have the faintest idea who they are are Gemma Atkinson (who played Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks), Cerys Matthews of Catatonia fame and Anna Ryder Richardson, best known for 'Changing Rooms'. The rest... no idea! The man who decided to not go in at the last minute just made himself look so stupid and pathetic. And the Janice woman is so annoying but so hilarious. She completely lives up to the brash American stereotype. And I'm loving the way her and Lynne (Lynne who? She looks like Pippa from Home and Away) fight about everything. I think though that if we can tolerate her for more than a couple of days, Janice will be one of the stars of this series and that we'll all grow to love her - if not, we'll love to hate her instead.

Unfortunately I was attempting to mark some work during I'm a Celebrity. I marked 3 exam papers - and they were all during the adverts - oh dear!