Road Trip

Am quite excited - last night me, B and C planned our road trip around America next summer. We plan to fly to New York and spend a few days there, then spend 4 days going to Niagara Falls, Cape Cod and driving around New England. We will then fly to Vegas (take me back there - I must go and see Phoenix at New York New York - they are such a fantastic band), spend a few days in Vegas, go to the Grand Canyon, then drive via Palm Springs to Los Angeles (taking in the Extra Terrestrial Highway en route). We will spend about 4 days in LA, then drive up the coast to San Francisco. After spending a few days there we will fly back to New York and then home again. We have worked out it will take us just under a month and even though it won't be cheap, when we phoned up to ask about prices, it won't be as expensive as we thought it would be. Am very much looking forward to it! Need to start planning what music we will listen to in our (hopefully) Thelma and Louise style convertible!