In love...

Yes, I'm in love... with Makka Pakka from 'In the Night Garden'. How can you not just feel so sorry for him? Not only does he look like a bland mis-shapen teletubby but he lives on his own in a cave and doesn't have a teddy bear - he takes a stone to bed instead. And I can't stop singing his little song either:

Makka Pakka, Akka Wakka, Mikka Makka moo!

Makka Pakka, Appa Yakka, Ikka Akka ooo

Hum dum, Agga Pang, Ing, ang, ooo

Makka Pakka, Akka wakka, Mikka Makka moo!

He's just so loveable - definitely my favourite, though I love the Pontipines too - they seem like the cleverest creatures in the garden, even the children (who cunningly rescued Makka Pakka's Og Pog the other night by stopping it running away by throwing a stone in its way). And the Pontipines' beds are fab too - if they were a bit bigger they could invite Makka Pakka round for a sleepover so that he wouldn't have to sleep on his own. I don't like Upsy Daisy though. She loves herself too much, especially in this clip. Makka Pakka and the Pontipines are great dancers though... and the Wattingers even make an appearance too!

How could you not love it? I know that 'In the Night Garden' is designed for a target audience of 1-4 year olds, but I'm hooked - I love the songs, the beautiful scenery and the simplicity of it all!


Eleanor said...

I find it odd that you see Makka Pakka as a tragic figure - Upsy Daisy sleeps on her own, as does Iggle Piggle and they each have a comfort object, IP has his blanket and UD has a bed that follows her around and that she kisses goodnight. Makka Pakka loves stones, so he has a comfort stone! I guess it's designed to reflect that some children sleep alone and some sleep in a hollow tree with their siblings and wear shiny elasticated trousers (or something).

I think Makka Pakka is very happy pottering around and being helpful (washing things). He has a nice little set-up in his cave, with some nice comfy bedding, and he even has a little garage for his og-pog. Bland mis-shapen teletubby, indeed.

It's time the Haa-hoos had a storyline.

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